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Born in the historic city of Shiraz, Iran in 1979, Amin Balaghi represents the pioneering generation that joined Tehran's Art University in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution. Embarking on his professional journey, Balaghi made a notable appearance at the Tehran Sculpture Biennial in 2002


. Throughout his academic years, he actively engaged in exhibitions and symposiums, leaving his mark on the cityscape with distinctive urban sculptures. His prodigious talent during his university tenure led to a commission from Tehran's municipality, culminating in the creation of the city's most significant bronze statue of the era.


Upon returning to his roots in Shiraz, Balaghi founded his bronze casting workshop. Faced with technological constraints in Iran, his fervor for digital art propelled him to build the nation's premier 3D printer in 2015. His adeptness in Arduino programming, coupled with expertise in electronics and mechanics, equipped him to innovate with CNC machines. This ingenuity gave birth to Iran's most grandiose parametric iron sculpture.


Driven by an innate passion for figurative art and challenged by Iran's stringent ideological bounds, Balaghi sought international platforms for his work. Initiating his global journey in Russia and Germany, his craftsmanship was celebrated when his sculpture was hailed as the pièce de résistance at the Romanian Stone and Steel Symposium. His invitation as a Peace Ambassador to the Egyptian Peace Event unveiled another facet of his versatility, merging interactive sculpting with the realms of digital art and electronics.


Despite Balaghi's aspirations to exhibit his sculptures in Iranian and international galleries, he confronted barriers stemming from the religious edicts of the Iranian regime. Yet, persistence prevailed when he magnificently showcased his bronze collection at the International Fair Bordeaux in France in 2022. His artistic flair further graced the screens when he featured in the 2023 Canadian TV show, “Race Against the Tide.”


Having navigated through the intricate maze of Iran's ideological and political landscapes, Balaghi has now nestled in Vancouver, Canada, setting up his workshop. Here, he revels in the liberty to unreservedly cultivate and advance his artistic vision.


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